Wax Seal Family Crest Rings

Wax Seal Crest Rings
Wax Seal Crest RingsWax Seal

VIEW OUR WAX CREST RINGS HERE: http://www.4crests.com/family-seal-rings.html

We have a complete line of gold and silver signet rings that can be used to create high quality wax seal of your coat of arms.

* STERLING SILVER or GOLD available.
* Details and name are REVERSED, as this is a WAX SEAL RING.
* We have most all names of European origin.
* Hallmarked in Dublin Castle upon completion.
* Presentation Box included.
* FREE Wax Seal sample from your new seal ring.
* One Stick of Sealing Wax included to make your own seals.

In times of old, when sending letters, the sender would secure the document by melting wax over the closing point of the document and then make an impression in the fresh wax with their Family Seal Ring.
This would ensure that the recipient knew the correspondence was genuine and that it wasn’t tampered with.
These wax seal rings would often be passed down from generation to generation.
Now 4CRESTS.COM offers your family a wonderful opportunity to continue this family tradition.
Every seal ring is individually crafted by our Expert Jewelers & finished to extremely high standards.


5 thoughts on “Wax Seal Family Crest Rings

  1. My family name is the Craig crest. I wanted to know what the cost would be to make a wax seal with this Craig family crest. I’m not interested in gold or silver, just brass or something else inexpensive. What is the size of the seal?


  2. hello i was wondering if you do a familky crest name of krebbekx? I wanted it in 9 ct gold for a male, how much would that be thankyou.

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