Family Crest Pendants

family crest pendants
family crest pendants

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Family Crest Rings

Family Crest Shield Rings

family crest rings
family crest rings


Coat of Arms Shield Ring

Have your own unique Coat of Arms Ring!

This Family Crest ring is engraved by our highly skilled craftsmen to feature your own unique Family Crest or Coat of Arms.

This Shield Shaped Family Crest Ring is deep engraved with contoured shoulders.

This ring makes a wonderful and unique gift that will be worn with pride and treasured forever.

Family Crest Pendant

Coat of Arms Pendant

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coat of arms necklace
coat of arms necklace
ONLY: $214.99

Features Family Crest and larger lettering for the surname.

Available with Antiqued Silver finish. Lettering is highlighted in black.

Includes an 18 inch chain.

Pendant Size = 23mm X 23mm